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Ready !

Although we obviously did not wait for the invasion of this nasty virus in our lives to respect the basic rules of hygiene,
recent events have forced us to redefine the notion of "cleanliness" within our establishment and therefore for the well-being of all and of ourselves, we take all precautionary measures:

- Ventilation of the rooms, but that's not yesterday ...,
and in addition you will enjoy the sweet chirping of birds.

- Crawl space for duvets and pillows
so that they too can take a break!

- Steam cleaning of floors: exit the virus!
Cleaning and disinfection of remote controls, switches, furniture,
taps, soap dispenser ...
without forgetting hair dryers, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner,

car on request and conscience on prayer!

-All our laundry are washed at very high temperature. After trying 600 ° and observing a certain loss of material in the washing process, we opted for a 60 ° which, in comparison is much more modest, but is nevertheless much more suitable!

- Disinfectant bin for the keys (you still have to remember to return them to us ...)

-For your health we are removing leaflets, games, magazines ...

-Hydroalcoholic gels and soap available of course

-Disinfection of patio furniture

-Access to our swimming pool respecting the distances, buoys and prohibited games,
enough to polish your backstroke!

We are counting on you, be as vigilant as we are.

Remember, this year no kisses or handshakes

Just a big COUCOU